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"Thin film fabrication of upconversion lanthanide-doped NaYF4 by a sol-gel method and soft lithographical nanopatterning"

Heeyeon Park, Gang Yeol Yoo, Min-Seop Kim, Kein Kim, Chiho Lee, Sungnam Park, and Woong Kim*

J. Alloys. Compd.728, 927-935 (2017) (Link)


"Ionic effect on the excited-state proton transfer reactions in aqueous solutions"

Joonyoung Francis Joung, Sangin Kim and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 19, 25509-25517  (2017) (Link)


"Fluorescent Labeling of Protein Using Blue-Emitting 8-Amino-BODIPY Derivatives"

Dokyoung Kim*, Donghee Ma, Muwoong Kim, Yuna Jung, Na Hee Kim, Chiho Lee, Seo Won Cho, Sungnam Park, Youngbuhm Huh, Junyang Jung, and Kyo Han Ahn

J. Fluoresc., 27, 6, 2231-2238 (2017) (Link)



"Selective Recognition of Fluoride by using a Benzobisimidazolium Derivative through Aggregation Induced Fluorescence"

Dayoung Lee, Chiho Lee, Eun Jin Jun, Minji Lee, Sungnam Park,* and Juyoung Yoon*

ChemistryOpen, 6, 476-479 (2017) († equally contributed.) (Link)

"Effect of ion-ligand binding on ion pairing dynamics studied by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy"

YoungAh Kwon, Junho Lee, and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 19, 10889-10897 (2017) († equally contributed.) (Link)


"Structure-property relationship of metastable monoclinic potassium niobate (KNbO3) nanowires during phase transitions"

Seungwook Kim, Min-Seop Kim, Chiho Lee, Sungnam Park, Won Il Cho, and Woong Kim*

J. Alloys. Compd., 709, 415-421 (2017) (Link)


"Chromogenic Tubular Polydiacetylenes from Topochemical Polymerization of Self-Assembled Macrocyclic Diacetylenes"

Jung-Moo Heo, Youngmee Kim, Seulki Han, Joonyoung F. Joung, Sang-hwa Lee, Sejin Han, Jaegeun Noh, Jaeyoun Kim, Sungnam Park, Haiwon Lee, Yoon Mi Choi, Young-Sik Jung, and Jong-Man Kim*

Marcromolecules, 50, 900-913 (2017) (Link)


“Iridium Complex Bearing Urea Groups as a Phosphorescent Chemosensor for Chiral Anion Recognition”

Ying Hu†, Yinan Li†, Joonyoung F. Joung†, Jun Yin, Sungnam Park, Juyoung Yoon*, and Myung Ho Hyun*

Sens. Actuators B, 241, 224-229 (2017) († equally contributed.) (Link)



“Artificial Photocatalytic System Using Polydiacetylene-(-NH-phen)Ru(bpy)2 for Cofactor Regeneration and CO2 Reduction”

 Soojin Kim,  Songyi Lee, Tikum Florence Anjong, Ha Yoon Jang, Ji-Yeong Kim, Chiho Lee, Sungnam Park, Hye Jin Lee*, Juyoung Yoon*, and Jinheung Kim*

J. Phys. Chem. C120, 28407-28414 (2016) (Link)


“Photoinduced Reversible Phase Transition of Azobenzene-Containing Polydiacetylene Crystals"

Woohyun Baek, Jung-Moo Heo, Seungwhan Oh, Sang-hwa Lee, Jaeyong Kim, Joonyoung Francis Joung, Sungnam Park, Hesson Chung and Jong-Man Kim*

Chem. Commun.52, 14059-14062 (2016) (Link)


“Effects of Backbone Planarity and Tightly Packed Alkyl Chains in the Donor−Acceptor Polymers for High Photostability”

Hyo Sang Lee, Hyeng Gun Song, Hyeseung Jung, Myung Hwa Kim, Changsoon Cho, Jung-Yong Lee, Sungnam Park, Hae Jung Son, Hui-Jun Yun, Soon-Ki Kwon, Yun-Hi Kim*, and BongSoo Kim*

Macromolecules49, 7844-7856 (2016) (Link)


 “Effect of Hydrogen-Bond on the Vibrational Relaxation and Orientational Relaxation Dynamics of HN3 and N3– in Solutions”

Chiho Lee, Hyewon Son, and Sungnam Park*

J. Phys. Chem. B120, 9723-9731 (2016) (Link)



 “Electronic relaxation dynamics of PCDA-PDA studied by transient absorption spectroscopy”

Joonyoung Francis Joung, Junwoo Baek, Youngseo Kim, Songyi Lee, Myung Hwa Kim, Juyoung Yoon*, and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.18, 23096-23104 (2016) (Link)

“High-performance bipolar host materials for blue TADF devices with excellent external quantum efficiencies”

Ju Sik Kang, Tae Ryang Hong, Hyung Jong Kim, Young Hoon Son, Raju Lampande, Byoung Yeop Kang, Chiho Lee, Jong-Kwan Bin, Bang Sook Lee, Joong Hwan Yang, JinWuk Kim, Sungnam Park, Min Ju Cho*, Jang Hyuk Kwon*, and Dong Hoon Choi*

J. Mater. Chem. C4, 4512-4520 (2016) (Link)


 “Origin of the Reversible Thermochromic Properties of Polydiacetylenes Revealed by Ultrafast Spectroscopy”

Junwoo Baek†, Joonyoung Francis Joung†, Songyi Lee†, Hanju Rhee, Myung Hwa Kim, Sungnam Park*, and Juyoung Yoon*

J. Phys. Chem. Lett.7, 259-265 (2016) (Link)



 “Effect of NaCl Salts on the Activation Energy of Excited-State Proton Transfer Reaction of Coumarin 183”

Joonyoung Francis Joung,  Sangin Kim, and Sungnam Park*

J. Phys. Chem. B119, 15509-15515 (2015) (Link)


 “Complexation dynamics of CH3SCN and Li+ in acetonitrile studied by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy”

YoungAh Kwon and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.17, 24193-24200 (2015) (Link)


“Acid-base equilibrium dynamics in methanol and dimethyl sulfoxide probed by two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy”

Chiho Lee, Hyewon Son, and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.17, 17557-17561 (2015) (Link)


“Vibrational Probing of the Hydrogen-Bond Structure and Dynamics of Water in Aqueous NaPF6 Solutions”

Chiho Lee†, Dayoung Nam†, and Sungnam Park*

New J. Chem.39, 3520-3527 (2015) (Link)


 “Synthesis and Photovoltaic Properties of a Low Band Gap Polymer for Organic Solar Cell”

Yong-Ho Woo, Hyo-Sang Lee, Sungnam Park, E-Joon Choi*, and BongSoo Kim*

Polymer(Korea)39, 71-77 (2015) (Link)



“Effect of Ion-Molecule Interaction on Fermi-Resonance in Acetonitrile Studied by Ultrafast Vibrational Spectroscopy”

YoungAh Kwon, Chiho Lee, and Sungnam Park*

Chem. Phys.445, 38-45 (2014) (Link)


“Temperature-Dependent Dynamics of Water in Aqueous NaPF6 Solution”

Dayoung Nam, Chiho Lee, and Sungnam Park*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.16, 21747-21754 (2014) (Link)


“Construction and Molecular Understanding of an Unprecedented, Reversibly Thermochromic Bis-Polydiacetylene”

Songyi Lee, Joonseong Lee, Minji Lee, Yu Kyung Cho, Junwoo Baek, Jinwook Kim, Sungnam Park, Myung Hwa Kim, Rakwoo Chang*, and Juyoung Yoon*

Adv. Func. Mater.24, 3699-3705 (2014) (Link)


 “A New Phosphorescent Chemosensor Bearing Zn-DPA Sites for H2PO4- ”

Hye-bin Kim, Yifan Liu, Dayoung Nam, Yinan Li, Sungnam Park, Juyoung Yoon*, and Myung Ho Hyun*

Dyes and Pigments106, 20-24 (2014) (Link)


“Effect of asymmetric solubility of diketopyrrolopyrrole-based polymers and PC71BMs in a binary solvent system on the performance of bulk heterojunction solar cells”

Seon Kyoung Son, Hyo-Sang Lee, Jae Seung Ha, Kyung Hwan Kim, Hae Jung Son, Min Jae Ko, Honggon Kim, Doh-Kwon Lee, Jin Young Kim, Wonmok Lee, Sungnam Park, Dong Hoon Choi*, and BongSoo Kim*

Solar Energy Materials & Solar Cells124, 232–240 (2014) (Link)


“New Iridium Complexes with Two Pre-organized Urea Groups and Thiourea Groups as Phosphorescent Chemosensors for H2PO4- and Chiral Carboxylatese”

Yinan Li, Liu Yifan, Dayoung Nam, Sungnam Park, Juyoung Yoon*, and Myung Ho Hyun*

Dyes and Pigments, 100, 241-246 (2014) (Link)



“Real-Time Probing of Hydrogen-Bond Exchange Dynamics in Aqueous NaPF6 Solutions by Two-Dimensional Infrared Spectroscopy”

Hyewon Son, Dayoung Nam, and Sungnam Park*

J. Phys. Chem. B117, 13604-13613 (2013) (Link)


“Infrared Probes Based on Nitrile-Derivatized Prolines: Thermal Insulation Effect and Enhanced Dynamic Range”

Kwang-Hee Park, Jonggu Jeon, Yumi Park, Soyoung Lee, Hyeok-Jun Kwon, Cheonik Joo, Sungnam Park*, Hogyu Han*, and Minhaeng Cho*

J. Phys. Chem. Lett.4, 2105-2110 (2013) (Link)


“Correlation between Crystallinity, Charge Transport, and Electrical Stability in an Ambipolar Polymer Field-Effect Transistor Based on Poly(naphthalene-alt-diketopyrrolopyrrole)”

Beom Joon Kim, Hyo-Sang Lee, Joong Seok Lee, Sanghyeok Cho, Hyunjung Kim, Hae Jung Son, Honggon Kim, Min Jae Ko, Sungnam Park, Moon Sung Kang, Se Young Oh, BongSoo Kim*, and Jeong Ho Cho*

J. Phys. Chem. C117, 11479-11486 (2013) (Link)


“Ultrafast intermolecular vibrational excitation transfer from solute to solvent: Observation of intermediate states”

Hyewon Son, Kwang-Hee Park, Kyung-won Kwak*, Sungnam Park*, and Minhaeng Cho*

Chem. Phys.422, 37-46 (2013) (Link)


“Rotational dynamics of metal azide ion pairs in dimethylsulfoxide solutions”

Hyewon Son, YoungAh Kwon, Jinwoo Kim, and Sungnam Park*

J. Phys. Chem. B117, 2748-2756 (2013) (Link)


“Synthesis of monoclinic potassium niobate nanowires that are stable at room temperature”

Seungwook Kim, Ju-Hyuck Lee, Jaeyeon Lee, Sang-Woo Kim, Myung Hwa Kim, Sungnam Park, Haegeun Chung, Yong-Il Kim*, and Woong Kim*

J. Am. Chem. Soc.135, 6-9 (2013) (Link)



“Crystallinity-controlled naphthalene-alt-diketopyrrolopyrrole copolymers for high-performance ambipolar field effect transistors”,

Hyo-Sang Lee, Joong Suk Lee, SangHyeok Cho, Hyunjung Kim, Kyung-won Kwak, Youngwoon Yoon, Seon Kyung Son, Honggon Kim, Min Jae Ko, Doh-Kwon Lee, Jin Young Kim, Sungnam Park, Dong Hoon Choi, Jeong Ho Cho*, and BongSoo Kim*

J. Phys. Chem. C116, 26204-26213 (2012) (Link)


“Infrared probing of equilibrium and dynamics of metal-selenocyanate ion pairs in N, N-dimethylformamide solutions”

Hyewon Son, Haneul Jin, Seung Ryul Choi, Hyun Wook Jung, and Sungnam Park*

J. Phys. Chem. B116, 9152-9159 (2012) (Link)


“Two-dimensional measurements of the solvent structural relaxation dynamics in dipolar solvation”

Sungnam Park*, Jeongho Kim, and Norbert F. Scherer*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.14, 8116-8122 (2012) (Link)


“Rotational dynamics of thiocyanate ions in highly concentrated aqueous solutions”

Heejae Kim, Sungnam Park*, and Minhaeng Cho*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.14, 6233-6240 (2012) (Link)


 “Ultrafast internal rotational dynamics of the azido group in (4S)-azidoproline: Chemical exchange 2DIR spectroscopic investigations”

Kyung-Koo Lee, Kwang-Hee Park, Cheonik Joo, Hyeok-Jun Kwon, Hogyu Han, Jeong-Hyon Ha, Sungnam Park*, and Minhaeng Cho*

Chem. Phys.396, 23-29 (2012) (Link)


 “Infrared probing of 4-azidoproline conformations modulated by azido group configurations”

Kyung-Koo Lee, Kwang-Hee Park, Cheonik Joo, Hyeok-Jun Kwon, Jonggu Jeon, Hyeon-Il Jung, Sungnam Park, Hogyu Han*, and Minhaeng Cho*

J. Phys. Chem. B116, 5097-5110 (2012) (Link)



“hERG channel blockage by externally applied quarternary ammonium derivatives”

Kee-Hyun Choi*, Chiman Song, Dongyun Shin, and Sungnam Park

BBA-Biomembranes1808, 1560-1566 (2011) (Link)


”H-bond switching and ligand exchange dynamics in aqueous ionic solution”

Kelly J. Gaffney*, Minbiao Ji, Michael Odelius, Sungnam Park, and Zheng Sun

Chem. Phys. Lett.,  504, 1-6  (2011) (Journal Cover) (Link)


“Ion-pairing dynamics of Li+ and SCN- in dimethylformamide  solution: Chemical exchange two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy”

Kyung-Koo Lee, Kwang-Hee Park, Donghyun Kwon, Jun-Ho Choi, Hyewon Son, Sungnam Park*, and Minhaeng Cho*

J. Chem. Phys.134, 064506 (2011) (Link)


“Ultrafast vibrational population transfer in 2-acetylcyclopentanone studied by 2DIR spectroscopy”

Sungnam Park* and Minbiao Ji, 

ChemPhysChem12, 799-805 (2011) (Link)


“Polarization-angle-scanning 2DIR spectroscopy of coupled anharmonic oscillator: A polarization null angle method”

Kyung-Koo Lee, Kwang-Hee Park, Sungnam Park, Seung-Joon Jeon, and Minhaeng Cho*

J. Phys. Chem. B115, 5456-5464 (2011) (Link)


“Solvent structural relaxation dynamics in dipolar solvation studied by resonant pump polarizability response spectroscopy”, 

Sungnam Park*, Jeongho Kim, Andrew M. Moran, and Norbert F. Scherer*

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys.13, 214-223 (2011) (Link)



“Real time probing of ion pairing dynamics with 2DIR spectroscopy”

Kwang-Hee Park, Seung Ryul Choi, Jun-Ho Choi, Sungnam Park*, and Minhaeng Cho*

ChemPhysChem11, 3632-3637 (2010) (Link)


“Two-dimensional optical spectroscopy: Theory and experiment”

Jonggu Jeon, Sungnam Park, and Minhaeng Cho

Encyclopedia of Analytical Chemistry, R. A. Meyers (Ed.), John Wiley & Sons Ltd. (2010) (Link)


“Dynamics of ion assembly in solution: 2DIR spectroscopy study of LiNCS in benzonitrile”

Minbiao Ji, Sungnam Park, and Kelly J. Gaffney*

J. Phys. Chem. Letters, 1, 1771-1775 (2010) (Link)


“Ligand exchange dynamics in aqueous solution studied with 2DIR spectroscopy”

Sungnam Park, Minbiao Ji, and Kelly J. Gaffney*

J. Phys. Chem. B114, 6693-6702 (2010) (Link)


Until 2009

“Water Dynamics in Salt Solutions Studied with Ultrafast 2D IR Vibrational Echo Spectroscopy”

Michael D. Fayer, David E. Moilanen, Daryl Wong, Daniel E. Rosenfeld, Emily E. Fenn, and Sungnam Park

Acc. Chem. Res. 42, 1210-1219 (2009) (Link)


“Ultrafast Dynamics of Hydrogen Bond Exchange in Aqueous Electrolyte Solution”

Sungnam Park, Michael Odelius, and Kelly J. Gaffney

J. Phys. Chem. B113, 7825-7835 (2009) (Link)


“Efficient Multiple Exciton Generation Observed in Colloidal PbSe Quantum Dots with Temporally and Spectrally Resolved Intraband Excitation”

Minbiao Ji, Sungnam Park, Stephen T. Connor, Taleb Mokari, Y. Cui, Kelly J. Gaffney

Nano Lett.9, 1217-1222 (2009) (Link)


“Ultrafast Dynamics of Polarons in Conductive Polyaniline: Comparison of Primary and Secondary Doped Forms”

Jeongho Kim, Sungnam Park, and Norbert F. Scherer

J. Phys. Chem. B, 112, 15576-15587 (2008) (Link)


“Water dynamics: The effects of ions and nanoconfinement”

Sungnam Park, David E. Moilanen, and Michael D. Fayer

J. Phys. Chem. B, 112 (17), 5279-5290 (2008). (Feature article and J. Phys. Chem. B Cover May 1 2008) (Link)


“Hydrogen bond dynamics in aqueous NaBr solutions”

Sungnam Park and Michael D. Fayer

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA. 104, 16731-16738 (2007) (Link)

(Inaugural article of M. D. Fayer elected as a member of National Academy of Sciences, USA)


“Ultrafast 2D-IR vibrational echo spectroscopy: A probe of molecular dynamics”

Sungnam Park, Kyungwon Kwak, and M. D. Fayer

Laser Phys. Lett., 4, 704-718 (2007). (Review article) (Link)


“Ultrafast resonant dynamics of surface plasmon in gold nanorods”

Sungnam Park, Matthew Pelton, Mingzhao Liu, Philippe Guyot-Sionnest, and Norbert F. Scherer

J. Phys. Chem. C, 111, 116-123 (2007) (Link)


“Polarizability response spectroscopy: Formalism and simulation of ultrafast dynamics in solvation”

Andrew M. Moran, Sungnam Park, and Norbert F. Scherer

Chem. Phys., 341, 344-356, (2007) (Link)


“Frequency-frequency correlation functions and apodization in 2D-IR vibrational echo spectroscopy, a new approach"

Kyungwon Kwak, Sungnam Park, Ilya J. Finkelstein, and Michael D. Fayer

J. Chem. Phys. 127, 124503, (2007) (Link)


“Dynamics around solutes and solute-solvent complexes in mixed solvents”

Kyungwon Kwak, Sungnam Park, and Michael D. Fayer

Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci. USA, 104, 14221-14226, (2007) (Link)


“Ultrafast optical nonlinearities of metal nanoparticles: Single particle measurements and correlation to structure”

Norbert F. Scherer, Matthew Pelton, Rongchao Jin, Justin E. Jureller, Mingzhao Liu, Hee Y. Kim, Sungnam Park, and Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Springer Series in Chemical Physics, 88, 639-641 (2007) (Link)


“Coherent electronic and nuclear dynamics for charge transfer in 1-ethyl-4-(carbomethoxy)pyridinium iodide"

Andrew M. Moran, Sungnam Park, Norbert F. Scherer

J. Phys. Chem. B, 110, 19771-19783 (2006) (Link)


“Ultrafast resonant optical scattering form single gold nanorods: Large nonlinearities and plasmon saturation”

Matthew Pelton, Mingzhao Liu, Sungnam Park, Norbert F. Scherer, and Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Phys. Rev. B, 73, 1554191-1554196 (2006) (Link)


“Optical nonlinearities of metal nanoparticles: single-particle measurements and correlation to structure.”

Norbert F. Scherer, Matthew Pelton, Rongchao Jin, Justin E. Jureller, Mingzhao Liu, Hee Y. Kim, Sungnam Park, Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Proc. SPIE, 6323, 91 (2006) (Link)


“Generation of optical vector beams using a diffractive optical element interferometer”

Kimani C. Toussaint, Jr., Sungnam Park, Justin E. Jureller, and Norbert F. Scherer

Opt. Lett., 30, 2846-2848 (2005) (Link)


“Optical nonlinearities of plasmons in single gold nanorods”

Matthew Pelton, Mingzhao Liu, Sungnam Park, Norbert F. Scherer, and Philippe Guyot-Sionnest

Proc. SPIE, 5927, 191 (2005) (Link)


“2-dimensional measurement of the solvent intermolecular response in solvation”

Sungnam Park, Jeongho Kim, and Norbert F. Scherer

Springer Series in Chemical Physics, 79, 557-559 (2005) (Link)


“Solvent intermolecular polarizability response in solvation”

Sungnam Park, Bret N. Flanders, Xiaoming Shang, Robert A. Westervelt, Jeongho Kim, and Norbert F. Scherer

J. Chem. Phys, 118, 3917-3920 (2003) (Link


“Directly measuring the coupling of solvent intermolecular modes to photoinduced chemical reaction.”

Sungnam Park, Jeongho Kim, Norbert F. Scherer

Springer Series in Chemical Physics, 71, 45-46 (2003) (Link)


“Ultrafast dephasing of photoexcited polarons in primary doped polyaniline”

Kim, J.; Unterreiner, A.-N.; Park, Sungnam; Scherer, Norbert. F.,

Springer Series in Chemical Physics, 71,  511-513 (2003) (Link)


“Ultrafast dephasing of photoexcited polarons in primary doped polyaniline.”

Kim, Jeongho; Unterreiner, Andreas -N.; Rane, Sachin; Park, Sungnam; Jureller, Justin; Book, Lewis; Liau, Yish-Hann; Scherer, Norbert F.,

J. Phys. Chem. B, 106, 12866-12873 (2002) (Link)


“Spectroscopic measurement of the acid dissociation constant of 2-naphthol and the second dissociation constant of carbonic acid at elevated temperatures”

Sungnam Park, Hyeongnam Kim, Keon Kim, JeongAe Lee, and Dong-seok Lho

Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 1, 1893-1898 (1999) (Link)


“Spectrophotometric measurement of the first dissociation constants of carbonic acid at elevated temperatures”

Sungnam Park, ChangShik Kim, MyungHwa Kim, In-Ja Lee, and Keon Kim,

J. Chem. Soc., Faraday Trans., 94, 1421-1425 (1998) (Link)


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