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​한민희 (Han, Minhi)
M.S. & Ph.D. Integrated course

​아산이학관 220​호

Published papers :

-"Deep learning for development of organic optoelectronic devices: efficient prescreening of hosts and emitters in deep-blue fluorescent         OLEDs"

   Minseok Jeong, Joonyoung F. Joung, Jinhyo Hwang, Minhi Han, Chang Woo Koh, Dong Hoon Choi*, Sungnam Park*

   npj Comput. Mater., 8, 147 (2022) († equally contributed.)

-"Beyond Woodward–Fieser Rules: Design Principles of Property-Oriented Chromophores Based on Explainable Deep 

   Learning Optical Spectroscopy"

   Joonyoung F. Joung, Minhi Han, Minseok Jeong, and Sungnam Park*

   J. Chem. Inf. Model. 62, 12, 2933–2942 (2022) Journal Cover († equally contributed.)

- "Singlet Fission Dynamics of Colloidal Nanoparticles of a Perylenediimide Derivative in Solutions"

    Youngseo Kim, Minhi Han, Chiho Lee, and Sungnam Park*

    J. Phys. Chem. B, 125, 7967-7974 (2021)​​​​​​​​ 

- ​"Deep Learning Optical Spectroscopy Based on Experimental Database: Potential Applications to Molecular Design"

    Joonyoung F. Joung†, Minhi Han†, Jinhyo Hwang, Minseok Jeong, Dong Hoon Choi, and Sungnam Park*

    JACS Au, 1, 427-438 (2021)​​​ († equally contributed.)​​ 

- "DB for chromophore"

   Joonyoung F. Joung†, Minhi Han†, Minseok Jeong, and Sungnam Park*

   Figshare, (2020) († equally contributed.) ​ 

- "Experimental database of optical properties of organic compounds"

  Joonyoung F. Joung†, Minhi Han†, Minseok Jeong, and Sungnam Park*

  Sci. Data, 7, 295 (2020) († equally contributed.)

Ph.D. course

​아산이학관 220​호

Published papers :

-"Morphological evolution of 2D Rh nanoplates to 3D Rh concave nanotents, hierarchicallystacked nanoframes, and hierarchical dendrites"

   K. W. Lee†, J. Park†, H. K. Lee, D. Yoon, H. Baik,S. Haam, J. -H. Sohn*, K. Lee*

   Nanoscale, 7, 3460 (2015) († equally contributed.)

-"Regiospecific growth of Au on a concave PtZn nanocube to form an Au-PtZn surface mosaicnanocube and an Au-PtZn octapod"

   K. W. Lee†, H. An†, S. Haam, H. Baik, K.Lee*

   CrystEngComm, 17, 6838 (2015) († equally contributed.) (Hot Article/Back Cover)

-"Rational Synthesis of Heterostructured M/Pt (M = Ru or Rh) Octahedral Nanoboxes andOctapods and Their Structure-Dependent

   Electrochemical Activity Toward the OxygenEvolution Reaction"

   H. Jin†, K. W. Lee†, N. T. Khi†, H. An, J. Park, H. Baik, J. Kim, H. Yang*, K.Lee*

   Small, 11, 4462 (2015) († equally contributed.) (Cover)

Xu Shuran (서서연)
M.S. course

​아산이학관 220​호

Published papers :

-"A novel BiVO4/P3HT photoanode for highly efficient water oxidation and its hole energy offset effect with CuPc derivative"

   Hao Pei, Shuran Xu, Yanyan Zhang,Yang Zhou, Renjie Li*, Tianyou Peng*

   Appl. Catal. B-Enviorn., 318, 121865 (2022)

M.S. course

​아산이학관 220​호

Published papers :

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